Happy Days Cafe

Published on June 17, 2022

Garfield 4-H wants you for Happy Days Cafe

The Happy Days Café formerly Leaders Food Booth provides affordable meals to 4-H families during the Weld County Fair. The Booth is organized by the 4-H Leader’s Council and shifts are covered by leaders, parents and youth. The money raised supports 4-H leaders in developing and rewarding 4-H youth. It is used for scholarships, leadership trainings, project materials, supplies and more.

Please volunteer to work shifts throughout the week of the fair. To sign up to help with the Happy Days Café go to 4-H Scheduler.  Parents, 4-H members and leaders are welcome to help.  You will receive a gift and a free meal per shift worked.  Members 8-10 need to have a parent work with you.

Open Monday-Sunday
Sponsored by Weld County 4-H Leaders Council
Hours Vary
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Daily specials on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Homemade Meals prepared daily for your enjoyment
Profits support leaders and members including:

* 4-H Enrollment Scholarships
* College Scholarships
* National 4-H Events
* Weld County 4-H Contests
* 4-H Leader Training's and Conferences
* And Much More


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