Market Swine

Published on March 21, 2021


All market swine exhibitors must pick up their ear tags and paperwork from the Extension Office and tag their own animals prior to the deadline. It is also a requirement that 3 photos be taken of each nominated pigs and attached to the nomination form. Mail in or hand deliver the nomination information and photos to the Extension Office by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday May 6, 2021, there are no exceptions!

Cost is $4/animal. Cash or check payable to Weld County Fair. 

If you are nominating for Colorado State Fair, hog exhibitors will be required to submit DNA samples for all hogs that may be entered and shown at the Colorado State Fair.  It is required that all market hogs shown at the 2021 Colorado State Fair, have proper ear notches, have an official recorded County ear tag and have submitted DNA within the required time limit. DNA envelopes may be requested no earlier than June 1st and must be submitted to the Colorado State Fair no later than July 1st . accepted. Late DNA samples WILL NOT be accepted.


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