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Computer Power Unlimited is a Computer Science Project for 4-H members interested in gaining experience in computer building, repairing, and networking, engaging young people and their project helpers in computer science activities and community service. A website provides links and resources to a variety of extended learning opportunities in topics such as open source software development and learning programming languages. Each guide in the series is designed with a specific purpose, and collectively the series supports youth and their adult helpers in the pursuit of technological competence and meaningful leadership.

Discovering Computer Science
Computers in 21st Century 

Discovering Computer Science and Programming Through Scratch

Learning Experiences:

  • Interact with a series of tutorials and challenges within the Scratch environment
  • Introduces youth to the five fundamental principles of computer programming

Computer in the 21st Century

Learning Experiences:

  • For youth who are 11-18 years old.
  • Gain knowledge on a variety of  topics , for example: application design, operation and development,  writing code to perform task and much more.



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