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Colorado wildlife is one of our state’s biggest attractions.  Through your project work, you will learn about ecosystems, wildlife conservation, habitat requirements, wildlife behavior, how wildlife species fit into nature’s scheme, how they are managed, and how they relate to humans.  Do you love to be outdoors?  Do you like to figure out what wild animal has passed through your neighborhood?  Are you curious about ecosystems and how people and nature can live together?  Then this is the project for you.

Unit 1 - The Worth of Wild Roots

This unit describes what wildlife conservation has been about historically, such as tales about  bison and passenger pigeons, and values of wildlife and people.

Members will accomplish the following learning experiences:

  • Wildlife Roots
  • Wildlife Values - What Good is Wildlife?
  • Dirt on Both Hands

Unit 2 - Living Wild in an Ecosystem

This unit helps members understand wildlife habitat, how size and shape of habitat patches affect various wildlife species, what makes wildlife numbers go up or down, etc.

Members will accomplish the following learning experiences:

  • Habitat
  • Wildlife as Part of an Ecosystem
  • Dirt on Both Hands

Unit 3 - Managing in a World with You and Me

This unit ties things together. How do we manage wildlife and what are the agencies responsible? You will study threatened and endangered species, hunting, wildlife damage management, invasive species, and related topics.

Members will need to do the following:

  • Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife and People
  • Dirt on Both Hands


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