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Cake Decorating

Would you like to learn how to create a cake in the shape of a baseball diamond with “bases” and “baseball players” in honor of your Dad’s birthday with his favorite team marked in the colored icing?  Or would you prefer to learn to create a chocolate cake with beautiful red roses and a green border?  You can make any of these cakes. It starts with knowing the basics like simple borders, decorations and cake molds. Then it advances to lace/lattice work, tiered cakes, special icing and finally advanced flowers.  Creativity---it’s just a piece of cake!

Cake Decorating
Units 1-3  Jr./Int./Sr.
Cake Decorating Units 4-6  Jr./Int./Sr. 

Units 1-3 are for members 8-18 years old.

Unit 1 is designed for the younger member who has little or no experience. Units 2-3 are where the members start learning how to do tip work.

Learning Experiences:

Unit 1

  • Learn to bake and frost a single-layer cake (one layer only, not stacked) that will be a good base for your decorations.

Unit 2

  • Learn to use professional cake decorating equipment.
  • Develop skills in using a writing, leaf and star tips on a single-layer cake.

Unit 3

  • Develop skills using the three tips: writing, leaf, and star tips on a two-layered cake.
  • Develop skills of figure piping.

Units 4-6 are for members 8-18 years old.  The skills learned in Units 2-3 will be used in these three units.

Learning Experiences:

Unit 4

  • Learn to use a character pan and develop skills in using tips recommended for  the cake selected.

Unit 5

  • Learn to bake cupcakes, cookies and cookie structure that are uniform in size and suitable for decorating.

Unit 6

  • Learn to cut up flat cakes and put them together to form different shapes.

Cake Decorating  
Units 7-9  Int./Sr. 
Cake Decorating
Units 10-12  Sr. Only

Units 7-9 are for members 11-18 years old.  The skills used in these units are more advanced.  It is recommended that members take units 2 or 3 before advancing to these units.

Learning Experiences:

Unit 7

  • Develop skills in making different leaves, drop or flat surface flowers, flowers made on a flat flower nail, borders and side trims.

Unit 8

  • Decorate a cake using fondant.

Unit 9

  • Develop skills in making flowers on a lily nail.

These units are for members 14-18 years old.  These units use advanced skills.

Learning Experiences:

Unit 10

  • Design and decorate a cake of three or more tiers of graduated sizes, developing an overall design which is attractive and tied together by color, line, and design.

Unit 11

  • Learn to mold and shape different edible molds.

Unit 12

Plan, develop and evaluate your own cake decorating project.


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Online Manuals

Online Project Manuals

Online Manuals Include:

  • Cake Decorating Units 1-3
  • Cake Decorating Units 4-6
  • Cake Decorating Units 7-9
  • Cake Decorating Units 10-12