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Clothing Construction

Have you ever seen an outfit and wanted it in a different color or style that wasn’t available in the store? Or have you tried on an outfit and needed it hemmed to fit just right?  Then the clothing construction project is what you are looking for. This project will teach you the basics such as sewing a shirt or putting a zipper on a pair of pants. The advanced units will teach you how to take a design of your choice and customize it for the perfect look, color and fit.  So when your friends ask you where did you get that amazing outfit, you can say with pride, “I designed and constructed it myself".

Clothing Construction  STEAM Units 1-2

Units 1-2 are for members ages 8-18 years old.  Unit 1 is for youth who have little or no experience in sewing.

These units build upon each other skill wise. Be sure to pay attention to what is allowed and not allowed for each unit.

Learning Experiences:

Unit 1

  • Learn to sew by using sewing tools, a sewing machine, straight and curved seams, a needle and thread and an iron for pressing.
  • Learn to sew with a simple pattern with two or more pieces without set-in sleeves, zippers, collars and no button holes.

Unit 2

  • Build on sewing techniques from Unit 1.
  • Demonstrate sewing skills such as set-in sleeves, zippers, collars and button holes.

Clothing Construction  STEAM Unit 3 

Unit 3 is for members ages 11-18 years old.  Members in this project are expected to have sewing skills beyond STEAM clothing 2.  This is for the advanced sewer.

Learning experiences:

  • Learn more about fabric characteristics
  • Learn how to care, clean and press different types of fabric
  • Learn more advance construction techniques
  • Complete one textile experiment using the selected fabric of the exhibit.  Include the fabric sample in your record binder. 

Clothing Construction Units 7 & 8 

Unit 7 Sewing For Others is for members ages 8-18 years old.  This project enables you to make garments for others, whether they are family or friends or pay you to sew for them.  For example:  If you made a wedding dress for your sister, you would exhibit it in this unit but if you made your bridesmaid dress, it would be exhibited under Units 21-28 depending upon the fabric.

Learning Experiences:

  • Learn how to take accurate measurements when making a garment for someone else.
  • Learn how to make needed adjustments in the pattern prior to cutting the selected fabric(s).

Unit 8 Recycled Clothing is for members ages 8-18 years old.  This project enables you to make garments for yourself from fabrics you discover in old garments, or home furnishing items.  Duct tape or paper mache garments go under Creative Sewing.

Learning Experiences:

  • Learn how to recycle fabrics into new garments.


Project Information Page

E-Record Book

Tip Sheets

Online Manuals

Online Project Manuals

Online Manuals Include:

  • Clothing Construction Units 1-3
  • Clothing Construction Units 7-8
  • Sewing for Others - Unit 7
  • Recycled Clothing - Unit 8