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Foods and Nutrition

Are you hanging out in the kitchen ready for the first cookie to come out of the oven? Or do you like to help prepare a fresh garden salad? If you have a hankering for cooking or just like good food, then the Foods and Nutrition projects are for you. In these different units, you will have fun learning how to cook the basics and then advance to gourmet and international meals. You will learn the heritage of many foods as well as consumer buying skills to get the most from your money. In addition, you will also learn how to make healthy snacks and modify recipes to fit a healthy life style.

Cooking Series--Units 1-4

Cooking 101 and 201 are for the beginner cooks.  Members will accomplish the following learning experiences:

Cooking 101  Unit 1

  • Kitchen and food safety
  • Basic food preparation
  • Basic nutrition  

Cooking 201  Unit 2

  • Expands skills and knowledge in food safety, food preparation and nutrition

Cooking 301  Unit 3
Cooking 301 project builds on the skills learned in Cooking 101 and Cooking 201.

  • In-depth exploration of outdoor cooking
  • In-depth exploration of party planning
  • Cooking with slow cookers
  • Making yeast breads and shortened cakes

Cooking 401  Unit 4 Advanced

Cooking 401 builds on the skills in Cooking 101, 201 and 301.

  • In-depth exploration of ethnic foods
  • Cooking with herbs and spices
  • Other advanced cooking skills

Specialty Foods
Units 25, 30 - Jr./Int./Sr.
Unit 35 - Int./Sr. 

Specialty Foods are for members who want to gain more skills in cooking.  Members will accomplish the following learning experiences:

Unit 25 Outdoor Cookery

  • How to master the art of cooking over an open fire.

Unit 30 Cultural Foods

  • Learn dietary patterns of an ethnic or cultural group

Unit 35 Passport to Foreign Cookery

  • Study dietary and cultural patterns of a foreign country or an ethnic group

Food Preservation
Units 40-42 -  Jr./Int./Sr. 
Unit 43 - Int./Sr. 

Food Preservation is for members 8-18 except for Unit 43 which is only for 11-18 years old.  Members will accomplish the following learning experiences.

Unit 40 Drying

  • Learn how to safely dry foods to maintain top quality

Unit 41 Freezing

  • Learn how to safely freeze foods and maintain top quality

Unit 42 Boiling Water Canning

  • Learn how to safely preserve fruits, tomatoes, fruit spreads and pickles.

Unit 43 Pressure Canning

  • Learn how to safely preserve tomato products,  vegetables, meats and combination meats and vegetables.


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Tip Sheets

Online Manuals

Online Project Manuals

Online Manuals Include:

  • Foods and Nutrition Units 1-4
  • Foods and Nutrition Units 25, 30 and 35
  • Food Preservation Units 40-43