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4-H Status with COVID-19

Posted on 03/13/2020
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4-H Status with COVID-19

Dear Weld County 4-H Members, Leaders and Parents,

We wanted to update you about some changes to the Weld County 4-H program in the upcoming weeks and months due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have been getting communications from Weld County as well as Colorado State University that will have a significant impact on the Weld County 4-H program this spring. We are following the recommendations from both Weld County and CSU in an effort to keep our 4-H members, parents, leaders and 4-H staff safe from the continued elevated spread of COVID-19. Please note that the recommendations are constantly evolving, and we will do our best to communicate with everyone any changes moving forward. Please be patient with us as we continue to receive information and figure out how to continue to provide the great 4-H educational opportunities in Weld County.

Effective March 22, 2020, all face to face Weld County 4-H events, meetings and activities are suspended until May 15, 2020. Please keep in mind, as this develops the March 22nd date could be pushed earlier and the May 15th date could be extended.

What does this mean for Weld County 4-H? Suspended = DO NOT MEET

  • All face to face 4-H meetings, both club and county, are suspended. This includes those held at the fairgrounds and those that are offsite.
  • All face to face 4-H practices (teams, shooting sports, horse open rides and clinics, dog practices, etc.) are suspended. This includes those held at the fairgrounds and those that are offsite.
  • All face to face 4-H workshops and other 4-H sponsored activities are suspended. This includes those held at the fairgrounds and those that are offsite.
  • The 4-H staff will be communicating with your organizational leader to give options for having virtual 4-H meetings. Weld County 4-H families will receive more specific club and project information from your leaders.
    Events that have been cancelled prior to the March 22nd date include:
  • Weld County State Shooting Sports Training March 13th -15th
  • 4-H Horse Levels Workshop March 14th
  • Sunday Dog Practice on March 15th
  • 2023 Informational CWF Meeting on March 15th
  • Winter Shooting Sports Practice March 16th
  • Dog Practice March 18th

We are working to put together a plan on different ways to offer 4-H meetings, practices and workshops. We are also working on a plan to address project specific requirements, such as safety trainings, meat quality assurance, required practices and animal ID days. As we get these plans in place, we will communicate those to the Weld County 4-H program.

As we navigate through this together, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding. This is unchartered territory and 4-H will definitely look a little different this spring. We understand that this can be difficult. We have a strong 4-H program with wonderful 4-H families and incredibly generous leaders. We encourage you to watch our Facebook, 4-H Website, newsletter, and e-mails for updates. Please feel free to reach out to the 4-H staff if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer your questions. At this time, the Extension Office is maintaining normal business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm – Monday through Friday). However, we suggest, as always, to call ahead before driving to the fairgrounds.

Weld County Extension 4-H Staff