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The dog project is designed for youth who are interested in learning more about dogs, how to care for a dog, and how to train a dog in basic or advanced commands.

Starting Out
  • Learn what kind of dog would be  best for you and your family
  • Learn about goal setting
  • Evaluate project with leader
  • Learn how to keep records
  • Learn how to assume responsibility

Learning More
  •  Obedience training
  • Learn how to train a dog to obey certain beginning and novice level commands such as heel, sit, down, stand for examination, recall, finish and the figure eight
  • Investigate dog breed origins
  • Find out why dogs are neutered or spayed
  • Compare dog foods
  • Evaluate project with leader
  • Learn about goal setting
  • Gain knowledge of sound management practices
  • Develop sportsmanship
  • Develop public speaking skill

Exploring Depth
  • Advanced training
  • Learn about dogs that help people
  • Help younger members train their dogs
  • Assist the 4-H Dog leader with training
  • How to do a budget
  • Explore career opportunities related to dogs
  • Build lifelong friendship

Dog Packet

2021 Dog Packet


Project Information Page - Currently being updated

E-Record Book

Dog ID Form

Due May 1st of every year through 4-H Online

Dog ID Form Instructions - Coming Soon

Online Showmanship Study Guides

Online Showmanship Study Guides

Online Showmanship Study Guides Include:

  • Junior Showmanship Study Guide
  • Intermediate Showmanship Study Guide
  • Senior Showmanship Study Guide