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Dairy Cattle

Are you interested owning a dairy animal? Are you wanting to learn more about Dairy Cattle Production and Management? Then the 4-H Dairy Cattle project is for you. In this project you will learn how to select a dairy animal, care for and feed one or more dairy cows and/or heifers. You will also learn how to keep good records.

4-H Dairy Cattle Project 

This project is for members ages 8-18 years old.  Members will learn the following:

  • Explore the possibility of expanding to make a profitable enterprise.
  • Selection and Judging -what characteristics to look for in a modern dairy animal.
  • Record Keeping - you will learn about the costs associated with feed, equipment, and the birth or purchase of an animal.
  • Nutrition - learn the nutrition requirements for dairy cattle at all stages of production and how to balance a diet for maximum production.
  • Health - learn about common diseases and parasites of dairy cattle and what to do to prevent them.
  • Reproduction and Genetics - learn about reproductive systems of dairy cattle and how traits are passed from parents to offspring.
  • Quality Assurance - increase your awareness of the issues about animal well-being and the assurance of quality products from dairy cattle.
  • Competition - learn how to groom and show your animal and how to win and lose graciously in the show ring.
  • Consumer Awareness - to better understand how dairy products enter into the food chain.


Dairy Diseases

Vesicular Stomatitis

Weld County Extension Program

Colorado Dairy Youth Extravaganza


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E-Record Book

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