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Breeding and Market Sheep

Why Sheep?

This project teaches you to care for live animals by learning about animal health, nutrition, selection and breeding.

Starting Out

  • Learn about sheep
  • How to produce a safe, wholesome product
  • Identify the parts of a sheep
  • Different types of feed
  • Evaluating sheep
  • Learn about nutritional requirements for sheep
  • Learn about a sheep’s digestive system
  • Identifying common sheep diseases
  • Learn how to keep records
  • Learn how to assume responsibility

Learning More
  • Investigate technology’s impact on sheep production
  • Learn how to show and exhibit your animal
  • Purchase, feed and care for animals
  • Evaluate project with leader
  • Learn about goal setting
  • Gain knowledge of sound management practices
  • Develop sportsmanship
  • Develop public speaking skills

Exploring Depth
  • How to deal with current issues relating to raising sheep
  • Gain leadership skills by helping others learn about sheep
  • Explore career opportunities in the sheep industry
  • Build lifelong friendship