Computer Power Unlimited is a Computer Science Project for 4-H members interested in gaining experience in computer building, repairing, and networking, engaging young people and their project helpers in computer science activities and community service. A website provides links and resources to a variety of extended learning opportunities in topics such as open source software development and learning programming languages. Each guide in the series is designed with a specific purpose, and collectively the series supports youth and their adult helpers in the pursuit of technological competence and meaningful leadership.

Discovering Computer Science Level 1, Jr./Int./Sr.

Discovering Computer Science Level 1

Inspiring youth to:

  • Interact with a series of tutorials and challenges within the
  • Scratch environment
  • Introduce the five fundamental principles of computer programming
  • Learn beginner programming skills using
  • Scratch Exhibit 8 different commands including looping and getting input from the keyboard and mouse




Discovering Computer Science Level 2, Int./Sr.

Discovering Computer Science Level 2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn more about generalizations and modularity
  • Introduce clones and lists in Scratch
  • Exhibit a modified program using Scratch by comparing the programs or creating an animated storybook or a video game



Discovering Computer Science Level 3, Int./Sr.

Discovering Computer Science Level 3

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn about recursive programming
  • Use recursion to help solve problems
  • Learn how to draw intricate fractals through recursive programming 
  • Exhibit an original program using a higher level programming language such as Phython, Javascript, C++, etc.


Computers in the 21st Century, Int./Sr.

Computers in the 21st Century

Inspiring youth to:

  • Gain knowledge on application design, operation, development, writing code and much more