Do you like to make designs? Do you like to work with your hands?  Then leathercraft is the project for you.  You will learn how to use different tools to make different designs.

Leathercraft Units 1 and 2, Jr./Int./Sr.

Leathercraft Units 1 and 2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn the history, sources, structures, tanning techniques, and definitions related to leathercraft
  • Learn to prepare leather for stamping, create a design and use stamping tools
  • Learn basic methods of lacing and stitching
  • Learn basic leather finishing
  • Practice using basic leather carving tools
  • Keep accurate records of costs and skills


Leathercraft Units 3-7, Jr./Int./Sr.

Leathercraft Units 3-7

Inspiring youth to:

  • Practice skills learned in previous units
  • Learn advanced skills such as embossing and filigree work
  • Improve figure carving on articles
  • Learn about dying and shading on advanced carved projects
  • Figure carve a portrait or scene
  • Make or rebuild a saddle


Leathercraft Units 8-10, Jr./Int./Sr.

Leathercraft Units 8-10

Inspiring youth to:

  • Practice skills learned in previous units
  • Develop a pattern using stamping tools
  • Tool one or more articles using geometric stamping
  • Manipulate leather by lacing, braiding, expanding, sculpting or other techniques which do not include carving, tooling, or sewing
  • Make one or more articles using a non-tooled and non-sewn technique
  • Practice skills required for leather construction
  • Make one or more garments or articles