If you enjoy working with wood and using tools to build things, then this is the project for you. Can you see yourself someday building a table, wood toy or a chair? As a beginning woodworker, you can build many objects. As your skills grow, you will be able to make most of the objects in your house or even build a home! No matter what you make, the joy of completing a woodworking project is the greatest. Through the wonders of working with wood, you will re-discover the natural curiosity and creativity of your early years by building and constructing items using woods and a wide variety of woodworking tools. From the basic skill of measuring to using advanced equipment such as routers and jointers, this project has something for everyone.

Measuring Up Unit 1, Jr./Int./Sr.

Measuring Up Unit 1

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn how to organize your shop
  • Learn how to identify woodworking tools
  • Practice woodworking safety
  • Learn how to measure and mark boards, use a square, a hand drill and a hand saw
  • Identify different types of nails and screws
  • Make a sandpaper block
  • Construct a butt joint and use a hammer safely


Making the Cut Unit 2, Jr./Int./Sr.

Making the Cut Unit 2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn how to select wood based on grain
  • Recognize the difference between plywood and fiberboard
  • Learn how to develop a plan
  • Learn how to use a combination square and make a miter cut
  • Learn how to make a curved cut
  • Learn how to use a sander
  • Learn how to identify types of woodworking tools and much more!


Nailing it Together Unit 3, Jr./Int./Sr.

Nailing it Together Unit 3

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn how to stay current with technology
  • Learn how to use a T-bevel, powered circular saw, and radial arm saw
  • Learn about hinges, hasps, and flush plates
  • Learn the difference between clamps
  • Learn how to use various types of wood stains and much more!


Finishing Up Unit 4, Jr./Int./Sr.

Finishing Up Unit 4

Inspiring youth to:

  • Design a woodworking shop
  • Use a router, jointer, portable planer and scraper
  • Learn about dovetail joints
  • Learn how to use bleaches, strippers, and adhesives
  • Learn how to build a wood vehicle, hockey board, step stool or chair and much more!