Have you chased butterflies or caught a ladybug to get a closer look? Do you think collecting bugs is a great way to spend your time? Then the 4-H Entomology project is right up your alley. You will learn about the world of insects and have fun doing it.

Learn About Insects Units 1-4, Jr./Int./Sr.

Learn About Insects Units 1-4

Inspiring youth to:

  • Study the life history of an insect
  • Make an insect collection of eventually 200 insects
  • Pin, label, and exhibit your insect collection
  • Learn about different scientific insect orders
  • Learn how to classify insects
  • Learn about beneficial and destructive insects
  • Make an insect survey about your home and neighborhood
  • Study an insect in depth and make a report
  • Map the insect situation
  • Construct and operate a light trap


Life Stages Units 5 and 6, Jr./Int./Sr.

Life Stages Units 5 and 6

Inspiring youth to:

  • Make a collection of larvae and immature insects
  • Rear an insect from the egg stage
  • Assume responsibility for an insect control program
  • Develop special insect collections
  • Provide leadership to younger members


Exploring with Insects, For older members who have completes units 1-6

Exploring with Insects

Inspiring youth to:

  • Develop your own plan for a study and experiments
  • Seek out new resources