Model Rocketry

The model rocketry project is designed to help young people learn how to build and design rockets.  Members will help make their dreams of sending a rocket into space, becoming an astronaut or perhaps someday visiting other planets by participating in the experiences of this project.

Introduction to Rocketry Units 1 and 2, Jr./Int./Sr.

Introduction to Rocketry Units 1 and 2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn how a model rocket works
  • Learn design features of a model rocket and tools and techniques needed for building model rockets
  • Understand safe engine installation
  • Have necessary equipment and procedures for a safe launch
  • Build two rockets using skills learned
  • Learn types of rockets
  • Understanding Model Rockets Safety Code
  • Learn basic parts of a rocket Learn the launching and recovery parts of a rocket
  • Tools and special equipment for building and launching a rocket


Intermediate Model Rocketry Unit 3, Jr./Int./Sr.

Intermediate Model Rocketry Unit 3

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn multi-staging launch systems
  • Learn rear and front engine boost gliders


Advanced Model Rocketry Units 4 and 6, Jr./Int./Sr.

Advanced Model Rocketry Units 4 and 6

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn how to organize a model rocket club
  • Learn engine types, classifications, and performance
  • Learn how to fit a parachute
  • Learn the art of payload launch
  • Learn about rocket stability
  • Learn how to build a wind tunnel
  • Take aerial photographs
  • Understand why you need cluster rockets