Upcoming Programs

Sign up for a fun filled hands-on educational learning experience. If you have any questions about our outreach programs, please contact Patrick Pulis.

October: Get Fall Crafty

This program will focus on Art and the season of Fall.  Join us as we learn about what makes fall so special with a chance to create your own fall decor, paint them and place them in your home.

November: Infrared Illusions

Come see yourself before an Infrared Camera and see some pretty amazing things such as things disappearing inside a box!  Learn about how Infrared works and all its great applications.

December: Holiday Pillow Cases

Come decorate your own Pillow Case with great holiday themes.  Lear how to use the Cricut technology and iron on your own favorite holiday cut outs.

January: Paleontology

This program will look into fossils around the Earth.  Youth will make their own Dinosaur Fossils.

February:  Coaster made by Fire

Youth will learn about chemistry and get to use special markers to make their designs and then get watch how fire makes cool designs on their artwork.

March: Making Lip Balm

Youth will learn about how certain oils, wax and fats have properties that make it great for lip and skin care.

April: Electromagnetism

Learn how Magnetism and Electricity work to make strong magnets using simple items like batteries, wire and a nail.

May: Rockets and Space

Youth will learn the parts of a rocket and be able to design and build their own stomp rocket and watch them fly!