Upcoming Programs

Sign up for a fun filled hands-on educational learning experience. If you have any questions about our outreach programs, please contact Patrick Pulis.

September:  Rubber Ban Dragsters

Youth will make drag racers out of coffee cups and rubber bands. These racers use potential and kinetic energies to race across the floor.

October:  Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Youth will prepare for the lunar eclipse that is coming on October 14, 2023. The will have hands on activities that explain the phenomenon.

November:  Cool Coding

Youth will learn how to duplicate a written code from the Inventor.io program, and connect wires and LED light bulbs to create a circuit, and make the bulb light up.

December:  Mathematics and Making

Youth will learn about finding areas of circles and areas under curves like a roller coaster.

January 2024:  Science of Sound

Youth will learn how the science of sound works and explore various objects that make sounds including musical instruments.

February:  Feed the Birds

Youth will create their own bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter (or sunflower butter) and birdseed. These will then be hung from trees for birds to eat.

March:  Rockets and Orion's Belt

Youth will be able to explore various types of rockets from straw rockets, water rockets and even meet a day to launch a live rocket in the air.