Clothing Construction

Have you ever seen an outfit and wanted it in a different color or style that wasn’t available in the store? Or have you tried on an outfit and needed it hemmed to fit just right?  Then the clothing construction project is what you are looking for. This project will teach you the basics such as sewing a shirt or putting a zipper on a pair of pants. The advanced units will teach you how to take a design of your choice and customize it for the perfect look, color and fit.  So when your friends ask you where did you get that amazing outfit, you can say with pride, “I designed and constructed it myself".

STEAM Units 1-2, Jr./Int./Sr.

Steam Units 1-2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Use a sewing machine
  • Use a variety of tools
  • Sew with simple patterns
  • Build on sewing techniques
  • Create a simple garment


STEAM Unit 3, Jr./Int./Sr.

STEAM Unit 3

Inspiring youth to:

  • Use different fabrics
  • Use more advanced techniques
  • Experiment with different types of textile material


Sewing for Others Unit 7, Int./Sr.

Sewing for Others Unit 7

Inspiring youth to:

  • Make garments for others
    • Learn to take accurate measurements
    • Learn how to adjust patterns


Recycle Clothing Unit 8, Int./Sr.

Recycle Clothing Unit 8

Inspiring youth to:

  • Create something new from something old using different types of recyclable materials
    • old garments
    • home furnishing items