Horseless Horse

The horseless horse project is designed for 4-H members interested in learning about horses but who do not own their own horse. All four units focus on learning life skills that can be easily transferred to the horse project, should a member purchase a horse.

Making Horse Sense Unit 1, Jr./Int./Sr.

Making Horse Sense Unit 1

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn basic coat colors, breeds, and anatomy
  • Explore horse behaviors
  • Understand grooming and safety concerns



Hooves, Health, Horsemanship Unit 2, Jr./Int./Sr.

Hooves, Health, Horsemanship Unit 2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn about horse conformation and movement
  • Study horse health, unsoundness, and blemishes
  • Discuss tack and training aids
  • Explore the realities of horse ownership



Breaking Ground Unit 3, Jr./Int./Sr.

Breaking Ground Unit 3

Inspiring youth to:

  • Understand horse teeth and feeding requirements
  • Discover horse health issues
  • Learn about horse judging, riding aids and basic equitation
  • Develop leadership skills while helping others


Brushing Up on Horses Unit 4, Jr./Int./Sr.

Brushing Up on Horses Unit 4

Inspiring youth to:

  • Understand parasites, the digestive tract and how to balance rations
  • Discuss horse reproduction
  • Learn about advanced movements and showmanship
  • Understand basic equine, pasture and housing management skills
  • Explore ethics related to the horse industry