The gardening project focuses on activities related to vegetable gardening, planning, planting, experimenting, understanding soils, seeds, insects, plant care, harvesting, processing, exploring careers, etc.

See Them Sprout Unit 1, Jr./Int./Sr.

See Them Sprout Unit 1

Inspiring youth to:

  • When, where, and what to plant
  • Types of soils and soil preparation
  • Rows versus hills
  • Cool and warm season vegetables
  • Seed preparation and garden tools
  • Plant parts and how plants are used
  • Integrated pest management
  • When to harvest


Let's Get Growing Unit 2, Jr./Int./Sr.

Let's Get Growing Unit 2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Seed varieties and rotating crops
  • Starting seed indoors
  • Hardening off
  • Plant properties
  • Preventative pest control
  • Specialty harvest
  • Selling the harvest
  • Horticulture careers


Take Your Pick Unit 3, Jr./Int./Sr.

Take Your Pick Unit 3

Inspiring youth to:

  • Broadcast planting and herb gardening
  • Soil structures and seed damage
  • Hybrids and pollination
  • Animal pests and preservation
  • Food industry careers


Growing Profits Unit 4, Sr.

Growing Profits Unit 4

Inspiring youth to:

  • Under cropping and double cropping
  • Space saving
  • Greenhouses Cultivar trials
  • Intensive gardening
  • Biotechnology
  • Hydroponics
  • Disease and deficiencies
  • Power tools
  • Pesticide safety
  • Botanist and research careers