Breeding and Market Rabbit

Our 4-H youth can work with breeding & market rabbits, breeding & market chickens, turkeys, ducks and/or pigeons. These projects deal with similar issues as our livestock projects but on a much smaller scale. Youth also learn about selection, care, and feeding of small animals, animal health, and importance of good record keeping. This gives them a well-rounded education about their animals and what it takes to raise them. All small animal projects require the youth to take the Youth for the Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) training that is provided each year.

Do you like rabbits? Do you want to learn how to raise and care for rabbits? Then this project is for you. It is suggested that you start with a doe rabbit and extend the project each year that you take the project. You will want to enroll in the fall to prepare for receiving your animal.

Starting Out, Beginner Jr./Int./Sr.

Starting Out, Beginner

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn about rabbits
  • Identify the parts of a rabbit
  • Identify breeds of rabbits
  • Purchase, feed and care for rabbits
  • Learn how to evaluate different rabbit breeds
  • Do a demonstration about rabbits
  • Learn how to keep records
  • Learn how to assume responsibility


Learning More, Intermediate, Jr./Int./Sr.

Learning More, Intermediate

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn about nutritional requirements for rabbits
  • Investigate different rabbit breeds
  • Learn how to select the type or rabbit project
  • Learn about goal setting
  • Identify common rabbit diseases
  • Exhibit your rabbit at the county fair
  • Develop sportsmanship and public speaking skills


Exploring Depth, Advanced, Jr./Int./Sr.

Exploring Depth, Advanced

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn how to deal with current issues related to raising rabbits
  • Gain leadership skills by helping other learn about rabbits
  • Explore career opportunities in the rabbit industry
  • Build lifelong friendships